Initiative for a Europe wide default 20mph speed limit for built up areas

20’s Plenty for Us is contributing to collecting 1 million signatures for a European Citizen’s Initiative (ECI) proposing a default, Europe wide, 20mph (30kph) speed limit for built up areas. The initiative is a people-powered call for 20mph to be the default European speed limit for built up areas. The success of 20’s Plenty in the UK is part of the reason this was established.

Changing the default speed limit to 20mph in all built up areas would not require the changes in signage that would be necessary if 20mph limits were brought in piecemeal. This would make the change cheaper and quicker than changing the road signs locality by locality (which has been the 20’s plenty campaign focus thus far).

So, before 12 November 2013 20’s plenty want to submit 54,750+ signatures from the UK (our quorate number). A lot!

You can sign up to show your support online at

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