Update on the national 20’s Plenty campaign

News from Rod at 20’s Plenty for the UK.

Friday we heard that the City of London is to consider instigating a 20 mph limit on all its roads today. Birmingham also are looking at 20mph limits.

On Saturday we had our campaigner’s training day in York an it was good to see the campaigners who attended. We also had Cllr Dave Merrett explaining the
plans for York’s Total 20 implementation. Our practical session with speed detectors also showed the benefits of 20mph limits. Well done to Anna for all he organising.

On Sunday we heard that The Times as re-launching its campaign to make cities “Fit for cycling” with 20mph limits as one of its core initiatives. And yesterday I took part in web meeting with Kaya Burgess of the Times.

Yesterday Anna sent out our latest Briefing Sheet on the benefits of 20mph limits for Public Health and we have had some good responses.

This evening Sarah Sharp and the campaigners in Chichester will be attending the council meeting which will decide whether to implement a city wide 20mph limit after 77% of respondents to a survey voted in favour.

We also have a new local campaign starting in North Staffordshire. Welcome Mike Barr who will be leading the campaign.

Tonight I am meeting PTRC about plans for a 2013 20mph conference.

We are also making plans for our European Citizen’s Initiative on 20mph which is to be announced shortly.

It is clear that our movement is making great progress and all your efforts are combining to really set the agenda for sharing streets in a better way.

Good news. Here in Ely we are experiencing delays on getting the media campaign off the ground as I’m still waiting for a response from the Ely Standard. I still need stories, experiences and testimonies from Ely and surrounding villages residents. Oh and don’t forget to sign the 20’s Plenty for Ely petition.

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