Council quietly publishes plans for the Station Gateway with no cycling provision

East Cambridgeshire District Council have been drawing up plans for the ‘Station Gateway’ redesign but they’re not publicising them very much. They were unearthed by one of our members after seeing them at the Octagon Retail Park exhibition where they were available to see, if you asked the right person. They weren’t on the display boards.

You can read the proposals here contained in 8 separate pdfs of consultation drawings.

At the ECDC meeting they were discussed (briefly it seems) and approved to be presented to the County Council on the 17th of September.

2.2 It is recommended that Members approve these drawings (with any suggested amendments) for presentation at the Cambridgeshire County Council Cabinet meeting on 17th September 2012 in respect of the Ely Crossing potential solutions.

No cycling provision

The fact that proposals are being drawn up without consultation is annoying in itself. More worrying is the total lack of cycling provision within them.

Nearly 300 cycle commuters use Ely Station everyday. The current station approach is woefully inadequate. We have been repeatedly assured by ECDC officers that the Station Gateway will solve this issue once and for all. However we now find that yet again cycle access has been left out of the plans altogether.

Furthermore NCN11 runs just the other side of the river from the Station Gateway area however the proposals fail to mention how it will be connected to the new site.

In summary these proposals are wholly inadequate from a cycling perspective.


2 thoughts on “Council quietly publishes plans for the Station Gateway with no cycling provision

  1. We have been asked tto post this comment from Shirley Blake – Principal
    Sustainable Development Officer at East Cambridgeshire District Counci

    “We are at the very early stages of developing concepts of how the Station
    Gateway in Ely could be transformed. This depends on a number of factors such as
    business relocation and as it said in the report
    ( on
    the decision the County Council makes regarding the Ely crossing.

    “The Station Gateway was identified early in the Masterplan process as an
    area which had almost become separate from the city. The work we are currently
    exploring is how to best integrate the Gateway so once again it becomes part of
    the fabric of Ely.

    “One of the key points of this work is to develop the station’s potential
    as a transport interchange – which includes bus, walking, cycling, taxis, cars
    as well as seeking to reduce traffic congestion in the area to make it easier to
    walk and cycle. Further work on developing the plans will involve stakeholder
    engagement and consultation, including landowners, interest groups such as the
    cycle forum, City of Ely Council etc. Following the County decision yesterday on
    the bypass this work will be going ahead over the next couple of months.

  2. It doesn’t surprise me that things were left off the display boards. When the council had the “consultation” about the bypass/underpass there was so much emphasis on pushing the bypass (Option B if I remember correctly) that they had no mock-up pictures of any other option, and hardly any information about anything other than the bypass options. The whole public consultation system is a joke.

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