Witchford Parish Council meeting 5th Sept.

We gave a short presentation to Witchford Parish Council at their meeting on the 5th of September.  We were able to raise a few issues that the Parish Council may want to work with us on.

  • Improving the route from Witchford to Ely, in particular the A10 crossing and Lancaster Way roundabout.
  • Making the village more cycle friendly, including reducing the speed limit to 20mph and improving cycling along Main Street.
  • Joining up the route from Witchford out to Sutton along the A142.

The Parish Council are already working on some of these issues and seemed to welcome a new breath of life being injected into them.

Also at the meeting there was a presentation by Adam Cobb from Cambridgeshire County  Council about improvements to the Lancaster Way roundabout. The roundabout is something of a blackspot caused partly by the design and partly by the surface.  Cambridgeshire County Council are planning changes to the roundabout to make it safer. Adam was asked by the Parish Council if the cycle route could be extended around the north side of the roundabout as part of the planned changes. He took the request on board and said he would look into it.

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