Cambridge MP wants justice for victims of road accidents

Julian Huppert the MP for Cambridge has sponsored an Early Day Motion (EDM 407) to ask for a review of the justice system that relates to victims of road accidents. There are numerous examples of cyclist and pedestrians being killed or seriously injured by motorists who then get little more than a slap on the wrist. The EDM aims to bring this issue to the attention of the government and asks for a comprehensive review of the situation. We think our MP Jim Paice should support this review by signing the EDM.

The EDM reads as follows:

That this House notes that many victims of road accidents do not feel that the criminal justice system adequately protects or supports them in the aftermath of their case; further notes that it is important that those who have suffered traumatic incidents are given effective and sympathetic support as they attempt to rebuild their lives; welcomes the work of British Cycling and other groups, including CTC, Sustrans, London Cycling Campaign, The Times, Cycling Weekly, RoadPeace and Brake to raise the profile of the issue; and calls on the Ministry of Justice to review carefully the evidence they have submitted and undertake a comprehensive review of each part of the criminal justice system, from crash investigation standards through to sentencing guidelines, to ensure that it is fairer for cyclists, pedestrians and other road users who are hurt or seriously injured on the country’s roads.


If you would like to write to the MP for Ely (Jim Paice) then he can be contacted via the They Work For You website. (

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