Family bike ride Sunday 26 August

We did another family bike ride today. I wasn’t too optimistic about the weather but it held well. We had two new comers, a father and his daughter from Stretham , the daughter was about 5 and riding her bike without stabilisers but in need of opportunities like this to gain familiarity and get some practice.

We have guests over from Holland who came too on borrowed bikes from my stable of bikes in the garage (my brompton and mountain bike) and cycled all the way round the A10 path then came back and stopped at the play park at Brook Grove. The father and daughter had to go home at that point for lunch. He was very grateful for the opportunity to ride with others and as they weren’t familiar with the path there, also happy to have somewhere they know now to practice safely.

We still haven’t completed the whole route yet. It seems that with the general age group of the kids being relatively young and the iffy summer we’ve been having, we have done the A10 park path section several times. It’s a great place for the very little ones to cycle safely and the parents to be able to relax a little without worrying too much about traffic.

It would be so nice if they sorted out the bits where it comes out on to West Fen Road and Downham Road.

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