Outer ring route connected from Witchford Road to Downham Road


I’ve just ridden along the outer ring route from Witchford Road near the A10 roundabout all the way around to Downham Road. The missing section between Witchford Road and West Fen Road is now finished and open.

So the only issue on this section now is West Fen Road. The route still comes to an abrupt halt around 10m from the West Fen Road / A10 junction. At this point you have 2 options:

  • a virtual U-turn takes you back into the housing estate and after  some  guess work across West Fen Road and back onto the route.
  • alternatively you can cut across to the West Fed Road / A10 junction on the worn path just past the 2 concrete bollards, then if you cross West Fen Road there is a track with gates which you can go around and after apparently cutting through the hedge you are back on the path.

Apart from this annoying break in the middle the route is really nice to ride and was being very well used this afternoon.

One thought on “Outer ring route connected from Witchford Road to Downham Road

  1. You can then cross Downham Road, go down a little path parallel to Cam Drive and then either cycle along Cam Drive or cross over to Wissey Way and follow the path along past the Lantern Primary School to Lynn Road.
    At the end of Cam Drive, go north and turn right just before Kings Av. There is reasonably good route all the way to High Barns/ Cathedral View area.
    Does anyone know of a good route from there to the river/ Lisle Lane?
    That would nearly complete the ring road!
    Would be nice to have this route on a map maybe under a new resources for new cyclists section on the web site?

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