District Councillor Supports Contraflow Cycle Lane On The Gallery

Ely People recently asked on twitter

What are the best things about living in Ely and what are the worst? What would you improve about the city and why do you live here?.

Obviously we replied that the City’s cycling infrastructure could be improved and gave putting a contraflow cycle lane on The Gallery as an example of a simple change.

Well it turns out we’re not the only ones who think that a contraflow on The Gallery would be a good idea. Several twitter users replied in support of the idea and at least one of the City’s District Councillors agrees.

As a cyclist I would like to see far more cycle ways and would support the contra flow idea for The Gallery suggested by a reader of the Ely People website

SHEILA FRIEND-SMITH, Lib Dem East Cambs District Councillor for Ely West

For more details see Ely People’s full story here part one, part two. You can also vote in their online poll here.


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