Half a million pounds that could be used for cycle facilities in Ely

East Camb District Council have half a million pounds available for “traffic and access improvements to Ely City Centre and the Lisle Lane” including “cycle facilities”.

Obviously getting people out of their cars and onto their bikes is a great way to ease traffic congestion and we think that they should spend a sizeable chunk of that half a million on cycle facilities.

You can have your say by filling in the comment form.

Ely Traffic Improvement Fund – Comments Form

This is what the council’s website says about the fund:

Linked to the opening of the new Sainsbury’s Supermarket off Lisle Lane in Ely, a fund of over £500,000 has been set up to help pay for traffic and access improvements to Ely City Centre and the Lisle Lane area.

We would like to hear your ideas and suggestions about how traffic flow and management could be improved in Ely and also to hear about any concerns or difficulties you are experiencing. The fund is not just for motor traffic improvements but also for pedestrian access and cycle facilities.

We are working with Cambridgeshire County Council and City of Ely Council on this project and hope to start building up a picture of traffic issues over the next 3 months, after which time we will do further consultation in the Market Place and in the Lisle Lane area, speaking to residents, shoppers and tourists.

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