Bikes on trains

At the Ely Cycle Forum last night the representative from Greater Anglia (the rail company) said their approach to cycle rail integration was to improve and expand cycle parking at the station. Not to encourage people to take their bikes on the train.

Ideally they want fewer bike on trains. The answer to “what do I do at the other end?” was “buy another bike and leave it there”. This is only really viable for people who undertake regular journeys and even then it’s not really an ideal solution.

Surely taking your bike on the train is a really good travel solution. Ride to the station get on the train (with your bike) then ride to your destination at the other end. The advantages of the two modes of transport compliment each other really well. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

It would require a change to rolling stock and I imagine this is the big hurdle, but trains used to carry bikes (when they had guard’s vans) and they could again. It seems a pity that it appears to have been abandoned as an idea altogether. Can we not start designing trains to carry bikes again?

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