Cycle Network

We are proposing a network of cycle routes across East Cambridgeshire. The routes on the network will be:

  • safe
  • direct
  • useful
  • connected
  • logical
  • maintained
  • signposted
  • future looking

When drawing up the network we used our local knowledge to define the routes, taking into consideration likely destinations and common journeys. The new developments to the south and north of the city were taken into account as was crossing the A10 and A142 to the south and west of the city. We also looked at other proposed networks for the area including the Market Town Transport Strategy and the Ely Cycle Map (both produced by the County Council).

The proposed network is mapped out below.

9 thoughts on “Cycle Network

  1. Mark

    Two more suggestions to complement the outer regions of the ‘spiderweb’ of the network: connect Prickwillow with Soham via Great Fen Road. Also connect the N11 route from Barham to Soham via Blockmoor Road.

    In addition, possibly highlight popular destinations, including tourism destinations along or at end of ‘spines’ along the network, such as Wicken Fen Nature Reserve, Prickwillow Drianage Museum and Welney Wetland Centre.

    Same for destinations within the city boundaries: highlight places such as swimmingpool; schools; train station; library; Pocket park.

    Finally, connecting parts of long-distance cycle routes (N11) to be added/shown

  2. andy Post author


    Thanks for the feedback. We can discuss the 2 additional routes in the meeting and add them after that.

    The point about highlighting other items is valid but we don’t want to clutter the map too much, we’re looking into adding extra layers that can be turned on and off but there are a few teething problems.

    In the meantime I have finally worked out how to add a Key.


  3. andy Post author

    Should the network ‘reach out’ to connect to surrounding districts – for example down the A10 and Twenty Pence Road towards Cambridge or along the A142 towards Chatteris?

  4. andy Post author

    Following last nights meeting the following have been added:

    Hundred Foot Bank
    Route between Prickwillow and Soham
    Route between Barway and Soham

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  6. JohnP

    The above links to the County Council website (Market Town Transport Strategy and Ely Cycle Map) are dead, although the information remains available on the website.

  7. JohnP

    The proposed network map shows ‘NCN11′ leaving Teversham to make Lode via Bottisham. This section is mainly National Route 51.

    The inaccuracy conceals the fact that National Route 11 in incomplete northeast of Waterbeach. See the first comment above.

    Completing this section of National Route 11 would go some way to reaching out beyond our district, although cycling provision alongside the A10 south of Lt Thetford and along Twenty Pence Road would be a better way to promote cycling. See the third comment above.

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