The following is a list of references to plans, projects and reports which relate to cycling in Ely.

Ely Master Plan

Ely Masterplan: A Framework for the Future Development of the City of Ely What it says about cycling. Foreword The infrastructure investment associated with growth would help tackle existing congestion points and enhance walking, cycling and public transport. Growth in Ely Key measures to enable Ely to accommodate this growth sustainably are firstly the development…

Other Reports Relating to cycling around Ely

There have been several reports that cover cycling to and from the station. Ely Market Town Transport Strategy – 2008 – CCC Website page – Revised Strategy (2008) [pdf] Ely Station Interchange – 2011 – Report [pdf] Walking and Cycling in Ely – 2010 – Report [doc] – Meeting information  

Planning Documents

Aldi planning application – 2012 [Approved] – Application [pdf] Planning report on the new leisure centre – 2011 – Report [doc] - Meeting Information North Ely Development -2011 – Framework [pdf]  

Other reference materials

DfT Shared Use Routes for Pedestrians and Cyclists – 2012 – Report [pdf] Shared use routes are designed to accommodate the movement of pedestrians and cyclists. They can be created from new, or by converting existing footways or footpaths. Shared use routes may be segregated or unsegregated. A segregated route is…

Ely Traffic Improvement Fund - Website and paper consultation

ECDC Website and paper consultation responses 14 Feb – 16 May 2012 Pedestrian Access/ Public Transport Improved walking routes to rugby club and Lancaster Way Pedestrian crossing at railway station and improved walking route from Tescos – currently not safe Pedestrianise the High Street Install zebra crossing on Forehill (current…

Local Transport Plan

Cambridgeshire Local Transport Plan 2011 – 2026 Policies and Strategy Document  [pdf] Implementation Plan [pdf]

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