Ely to Sutton


There are several points on the route from Ely to Sutton which require changes.

Priority over side roads off Witchford Road

 Description The cycle route into Ely along Witchford Road currently gives way at every side road. This should be changed so that the side roads give way to the cycle route. We appreciate this is a significant change for driver behaviour and so these changes should be rolled out over…

Lancaster Way roundabout, Witchford

Access to the cycle path is difficult coming from the Sutton/Wentworth A142 direction or from Witchford using the roundabout. Adding a short straight section of cycle path into the roundabout with a dropped kerb would make it much easier to get onto the path and therefore avoiding having to swerve…

A10/A142 Roundabout

Currently there are two options for crossing the A10 from Ely going to/from Witchford: - Using the traffic island Hardly anyone uses the traffic island. It requires crossing the 2×2 lanes of traffic, the worst one being the two lanes leaving the roundabout with cars speeding up to 60mph. It…

Witchford to Sutton shared use path

Our achievements to date: The council is now doing a consultation about 2m wide shared-use path between Wentworth and Sutton. Work should be completed by the end of 2014.  Description There is currently a path that leaves Witchford heading west towards Sutton along the A142. Unfortunately the path stops just…

One thought on “Ely to Sutton


    In the past I have seen comments from yourselves in the local newspapers with regard to your campaign regarding the ‘Sutton to Ely’ cycle way.
    I do not know if you are aware, but the section between Witcham Toll and Sutton has been worked on but to a very poor standard and not to the DOT 2m width.
    I have been in touch with Councillor Shuter at Cambridgeshire CC and in response have heard from Steve Alexander the District Highway Manager East Cambs, who tells me that “this section (Sutton to Witcham Toll) was not due to be upgraded”. This is either incorrect or completely barmy. Why would the council spent a third of a million pounds building a superb cycle way that serves a community of precisely six houses at Witcham Toll?
    I hve written back to Cllr Shuter asking him if this is true, but I wondered if you had any information or contacts that would assist me in undrstanding the situation.
    Many thanks and kind regards

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