Ely to Soham

At the moment the most direct route from Ely to Soham is 4 miles along the very busy A142 which even the most hardy cyclists would only use in emergencies.

There are two alternative routes. Via Prickwillow which is around 10 miles – more than twice the distance and probably too far for commuters to the train station. Via Barway and NCN11 which is around 6 miles, however it has an off-road section which gets very muddy in winter which again makes it unsuitable for commuters.

Essentially there is currently no way for normal people to cycle from Soham to Ely and as public transport is limited, people have no choice but to drive!

As far as we can see there are two sensible routes to enable people to cycle to and from Ely within a reasonable amount of time (20 – 25 minutes):

Ely to Soham: A142 cycle path

Currently there is a shared use path from Ely to Stuntney which is very narrow, covered in mud and dirt and for all intents and purpose unusable. There are some sections of the A142 which have a wide verge to cycle on, again that section is usually covered in dirt.…

Ely to Soham: Railway path

Network Rail announced in March 2015 that they want to widen the railway line between Ely and Soham: https://consultations.networkrail.co.uk/ely-to-soham/ely-to-soham-rail-improvements As the image below shows there will be a maintenance road on the northern side of the railway track from the river to Blockmore Road (a quiet road which leads to…

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