This is a list of our current projects.

Minor Improvements

Description This page is for suggestions of minor improvements to cycling provision in and around Ely. Minor improvements could be a dropped kerb, removing a barrier, some additional cycle parking, etc. If you have a suggestion leave a comment at the bottom of the page and we’ll add it to…

City-wide 20 mph speed limit

Description We propose that the whole of Ely be made a 20mph zone. Please visit the campaign web site for this project and sign the petition: Ely is a small city with many old and narrow streets and modern housing estates. Reducing the speed limit to 20 mph on…

City centre cycle parking

Our achievements to date: Additional parking has been installed at the Paradise Sports Centre near the main entrance and also by the swimming pool entrance. Waitrose have installed a number of new stands by the cash machine. Description Providing higher quality cycle routes for people to use is just part…

Back Hill to Station cycle route

Description We’re proposing a dedicated cycle route from the top of Back Hill to the Station. This route is used by large numbers* of cyclists every day as part of their commute to work. Improving this route will not only make those journeys safer but should also encourage other commuters…

Improved cycling specific signage

Description In the “Traffic Signs Policy Paper” from October 2011 the Department for Transport suggests a number of measures to improve traffic signs for all road users and in particular for more vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists. We support most of these findings (see section 5, page…

Little Downham to Ely shared use path

Description We’re proposing the path along the south side of the B1411 be designated a shared use path for pedestrians and cyclists. Little Downham is close to Ely and is on the National Cycle Network route 11. However, the only direct road is twisty and busy with traffic traveling at…

Dangerous junctions and sections of road

Description We’re highlighting junctions and section that are dangerous from a cycling perspective. We’ll be tracking progress on each one individually.

Cobbled Speed Bumps

Description In the 1990’s, as part of re-styling traffic calming measures and the introduction of 20mph speed limits, speed-bumps were introduced in The Gallery, Silver Street, Barton Square and Road. Some of the speed-bumps have closely laid smooth paving bricks, but several have the smooth bricks only on the level…

Ely to Sutton

Description There are several points on the route from Ely to Sutton which require changes.

Ely to Soham

At the moment the most direct route from Ely to Soham is 4 miles along the very busy A142 which even the most hardy cyclists would only use in emergencies. There are two alternative routes. Via Prickwillow which is around 10 miles – more than twice the distance and probably…

2 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Matt Holmes

    Are there any plans for a cycle route between Littleport and Ely? I notice that you can no cycle safely all the way to Sutton from Ely but there is nothing north of the city. Littleport is closer to Ely than Sutton and is also more populated, a safe mixed use path would greatly improve the links between the two and I believe it would encourage more people to cycle to Ely. At the moment we can brave three different routes (A10, Branch Bank and Ely/Lynn Rd) neither of which are particularly safe for cyclists particularly for children. As a runner I often run along the river to Ely and come back along the old A10, it would be much better if a dedicated route/path could be created to serve those not driving. Any thoughts/feedback would be appreciated.

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