Family bike ride – 15 July

Family bike ride – 15 July

bikeride_poster_2012_07_02-723x1024The Ely Cycling Campaign is organising a family bike ride around Ely on 15 July 2012. This will be a leisurely ride around Ely for adults and children with many playground stops and a picnic (bring your own) in Ely Country Park (Pocket Park) by the river.

Anyone can join in, we’ll go as slow as the slowest rider and if you don’t want to finish the ride you can drop out or join in at any point.


We will meet at 11am at the playground opposite St Johns primary school and then ride along the newly completed cycle ring road behind Beresford Road and Columbine Road. We will have a short playground break in one of the playground near Brooke Grove. Most of this part of the ride will be on traffic free paths and we will then cross Downham Road and ride past the Lantern Primary school along the Stour Green area. We will then have to do a short section on road (John Amner Close, Lynn Road and Deacon’s Lane), but small children can push their bikes on the pavement. We will then cycle past the Paradise Centre to have a coffee break in the city centre. Afterwards we’ll cycle down the Vineyards (a quiet road) past Sainsbury’s to Ely Coutry Park for another playground break and for our picnic. Finally, we’ll cycle along the river, through Jubilee Gardens and up Cherry Hill towards Cambridge Road and then along quiet back roads to our starting point by St Johns primary school.

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