ShapeYourPlace – Back Hill / Broad Street signs

ShapeYourPlace – Back Hill / Broad Street signs

After a really positive meeting with ECDC Community Safety Officer Nick Ball earlier this week we’ve posted on ShapeYourPlace regarding improved signage on the Back Hill / Broad Street junction.

As part of our project to improve cycle orientated signage across Ely we want to make motorists more aware of cyclists as they turn into and out of Broad Street.

Nick has suggested some possible designs but would like more input.

You can leave your input on ShapeYourPlace here.

Our project page is here.

Nick said he is prepared to be advised by our campaign and as a cycling commuter himself is keen to get suitable signage at the Broad Street / Back Hill junction. He will  need to talk to the county council about signage, but he is optimistic that we will will be successful in getting this. We hope you’ll all support the proposal on ShapeYourPlace here.

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