What does the Ely Master Plan say about cycling?

What does the Ely Master Plan say about cycling?

Just been through the Ely Master Plan looking at what it says about cycling. Turns out that there is quite a lot in it, cycling it seems is relatively core to the Master Plan. There is talk of new routes into city and better access to the station, river and surrounding villages.

In geneal the plan is quite positive but there are a few issues it does not tackle, including:

  • No mention of improved cycle routes from the west of the city into the city centre.
  • No mention of a contraflow cycle lane on The Gallery
  • A route to the station matked on one map going along the A142 rather than the direct route through the city and down Back Hill used by akmost all cyclists currently.

The full details are here : http://elycycle.org.uk/references/ely-master-plan/

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