Ely Cycling CampaignCampaigning to improve cycling infrastructure and promote cycling in and around Ely

What we have achieved so far

Since we started in 2012 we have been working closely with the councils on a number of projects to improve cycling in and around Ely.


Our achievements to date: The council is now doing a consultation about 2m wide shared-use path between Wentworth and Sutton. Work should be completed by the end of 2014.  Description There is currently a path that leaves Witchford heading west towards Sutton along the A142. Unfortunately the path stops just…


Our achievements to date: Additional parking has been installed at the Paradise Sports Centre near the main entrance and also by the swimming pool entrance. Waitrose have installed a number of new stands by the cash machine. Description Providing higher quality cycle routes for people to use is just part…


We’re really pleased that the ban on cycling along the riverside in Ely has been lifted. This is one of the simple improvements we’ve been campaigning for and it’s great to see it come to fruition. We’re hoping this will be the first of many improvements that will make Ely…

Our strategy We have developed a cycling strategy which has been adopted by the council. Please have a look at the five points below for more details.

Benefits of cycling

In a time when people are leading less active lives with associated increased demand for health services, cycling is the convenient way to improve activity levels. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) stated that “walking and cycling should become the norm for short journeys” (2012). Their guidance states that town-wide programmes should…

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Cycle Network

We are proposing a network of cycle routes across East Cambridgeshire. The routes on the network will be: safe direct useful connected logical maintained signposted future looking When drawing up the network we used our local knowledge to define the routes, taking into consideration likely destinations and common journeys. The new…

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Encouraging more people to cycle

The overall goal of the strategy is to encourage more people to cycle more often. In particular there are two main groups which we hope will benefit. The currently discouraged There is currently a great deal of interest in cycling due to a number of reasons including; environmental concerns, the…

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Getting things done

It is going to be a long journey to get from where we are now with virtually no cycle provision of any note to getting this strategy fully implemented. The first hurdle is to get support, from the general public and the local councils. The strategy is deliberately concise and…

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Segregated Provision

Segregated provision for cyclists needs to be in place across the cycle network in order to make the network usable by everyone not just confident adult cyclists. The current road network has segregated provision for pedestrians and motor traffic but not for cyclists. This forces cyclists to share provision not…

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Strategic planning

When it comes to cycling there is currently a wide gap between the stated aims of the council and actual provision on the ground. The Ely Master Plan and the Local Plans and  Vision documents for Ely and the surrounding parishes are all littered with statements about encouraging cycling but…

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